Welcome to the virtual home of the SADC Law Journal Trust. Here, you may read more about the Trust; freely access the contents of the SADC Law Journal on line and download the whole or parts thereof; subscribe to the SADC Law Journal; find particulars of the Journal’s editorial policies regarding contributions and obtain details of our partners,  of related web links and on how to contact us.

The SADC Law Journal is a peer-reviewed annual publication which focusses on the following broad themes: the harmonization of national laws in the context of SADC integration;the relationship between SADC, the African Union and other African regional communities; comparative analysis of legal developments in SADC and other regional bodies; human rights issues within the context of SADC integration; the jurisprudence, mandate and the authority of the SADC Tribunal, including commentaries on the Tribunal’s decisions; and analysis of the SADC Treaty and Protocols.

We trust that you will find this website, which we have created with the generous support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, informative and useful.

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